Saturday, September 19, 2009

LA Storehouse Repeater Site

Here are a few pictures of what we did at the LA storehouse.

What we accomplished; the antenna is up, no link antenna yet, but with hardline, the cabinet, an outside box with vents, this is a commercial light signal box, power connected to the box, one shelf inside the cabinet with Astron 20 amp power supply, with switch to backup power.

In attendance Joe Waite, Bob Moore, Jim Glancey and me.

Craig, KF6ZAF

Monday, September 7, 2009

The View from High on top of Eagle Tower.

Happy Labor Day everyone. My son Alex KI6LXD and I installed the link antenna for Snow Peak this morning. This is one more step closer to getting SCIRA's system linked.

Next we need donations to help us get band pass filters ($350) and an amplifier for the Snow Peak Repeater site ($600).

Spread the word. We're moving forward as fast as the donations allow. We appreciate everyone's help!

Aaron, K6AMS VP