Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eagle Tower Upgrade

Hello everyone,

I want to give a special thanks to Craig Holmes, KF6ZAF and Bolton Allred, KI6RTZ for helping me install a brand new dipole array antenna along with a new stretch of hardline coax. So far it looks like the system is both hearing and transmitting much better! Please feel free to give it a try.

Future upgrades will include a preamp and of course the final resting place way up high on Eagle Tower once fully constructed by Eagle Scout Candidates Blake & Alex Scullin.

449.540 - pl 151.4 (Eagle Tower) located in Running Springs.

Aaron, K6AMS

Monday, June 8, 2009


To ALL SCIRA Members:

First an update on recent SCIRA activities:

Recently three people resigned from the SCIRA board; Mark Hayden,
Secretary, Joe Parrino, repeater specialist and Jim Burton a Member at
Large. We appreciate the work these three have done for SCIRA in
making our repeater group what it is today. Thank You Mark, Joe and

Mike Sorensen, KI6HWQ, one of our Members at Large has volunteered to
take Mark's place as Secretary for the remainder of the term.

We need three new Members at Large including a repeater specialist. If
you have a desire to serve with us, we would love to have you join the
Board. The yearly voting takes place at our annual meeting in
November. For those wishing to volunteer please respond to me by
email or phone by June 16th.

On Saturday, May 30th, Jim Dowdle, Doug Kunz and myself went up to
Snow Peak to install our new repeater. It is now on the air. The
frequency is 445.160 -- Pl 151.4. We still have some work to do. We
will go back up to add equipment and make some adjustments the last
Saturday of June.

We also have a new repeater working in Running Springs on 449.540 --
Pl 151.4 It will be linked to our Snow Peak repeater in the near
future. Eventually this repeater will be on top of our Eagle Tower
once that is completed.

Second to answer some of your inquiries regarding the frequency

We are currently using 440 UHF. SCIRA is third on the TASMA waiting
list for a frequency on 2 meters. We will keep you updated.

Thank You for your help!

Craig Holmes
KF6ZAF Colton ERC and SCIRA President